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Source Hydropanel Installation Musenga School Diepsloot


We have partnered with ZERO MASS WATER to bring this groundbreaking technology to South Africa. 

We are very excited to introduce SOURCE Hydropanels, providing perfected water and

water independence where it is most needed.


SOURCE Hydropanels offer the only effortless, simple path to complete ownership of a

renewable source of water. Get a supply of perfected drinking water right to your tap.

SOURCE Hydropanels make, mineralise and deliver the highest quality water using just sunlight and air.

SOURCE taps into the inexhaustible supply of water vapour in the air and uses only sunlight and air to deliver a perfected supply of the highest quality water. This means that you get pure, delicious water with no negative impact on the environment. In fact, each SOURCE Hydropanel offsets 54,750 standard plastic water bottles and 109,500 litres of wastewater in its lifetime.

Off Grid

SOURCE units offer you water independence, with no need to reply on public infrastructure or electrical supply.

Water quality you can trust

A commitment to quality and safety means SOURCE creates and maintains the highest quality drinking water, with an integrated system that keeps stored water pure and delicious. SOURCE water is mineralised with calcium and magnesium, achieving optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your hydration, you can expect that the highest-quality water for your health is delivered straight to your tap.

Water independence

We designed SOURCE to make your drinking water where you want, when you need it by empowering you with an independent supply of drinking water. SOURCE gives you water security amidst a growing water crisis.

SOURCE technology is optimised for a wide range of conditions and can even produce water in arid desert climates. Add as many panels as necessary to satisfy your particular water output requirements.

Performance monitoring

Our Hydropanels are intelligently monitored, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the water you’re drinking is quality and reliable. Available in spring 2018, you will be able to monitor your water production from our SOURCE user app.

Price per Hydropanel

R 49,999.00 inc VAT excluding installation.


Installation per panel for a flat roof from

R 5,799 inc VAT 

Subject to Site inspection. 

Excludes water dispenser.

1 - 4 people   (2 panels)

5 - 8 people  (3 panels)

9 - 12 people (4 panels)

12 + people contact us directly

About zero mass water

We come to work every morning with one purpose: perfecting your water and the water of everyone on this planet.

This is the reason our team came together to dream about solving for water access, quality, and security –

and now we’re acting on those dreams.

We designed SOURCE: a HydropanelTM that meets the drinking water needs of the more than seven billion people on earth. Applying thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology, SOURCE needs only sunlight and air to make drinking water each day at homes, schools, offices and more, and we are already changing how all people experience their drinking water.

With our customers, our partners, and our team we are transforming the human relationship with water. Join us.

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