SolarEdge is the first comprehensive solution to tackle all of the challenges encountered with solar PV systems.


The principle is quite simple, but the equipment is technologically advanced. 


A solar system captures light from the sun and turns it into AC power for use by your household during the day, but solar is only half the solution. A solar storage system saves the power your household doesn’t use in a state of the art Lithium-ion battery system, such as the Tesla Energy Powerwall.  


Stored power is used later at night when YOU need it, thereby maximising consumption of your solar energy, your savings and independence from the grid.  If the battery is full, surplus power maybe exported to the grid.


Generate. Store. Use your own power 365 days a year.

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Generate.  Store.  Use your own power. 

A solar system is only half the solution.  With electricity prices on the rise, and for many of us, at its most expensive in the evening and night, installing a solar storage system that delivers electricity during the day and at night will allow you to maximise the use of your solar system and save many dollars over the life of the system.



Solar or Solar + Battery Storage?

As little as 20% of your solar power maybe consumed directly and what is not used is sent to the grid with little or no cost benefit for you.

SolarEdge has introduced several new StorEdge solutions that are compatible with the Tesla Powerwall to greatly increase the possibilities for StorEdge installations. 

Install StorEdge Systems with Larger Battery Capacity 
For sites requiring larger battery capacity to meet high energy consumption, a second battery can be added to the StorEdge system.

StorEdge™ Solutions for Three-Phase SolarEdge Systems
A StorEdge solution for systems requiring the SolarEdge three-phase inverter is now available by connecting the StorEdge Inverter to manage battery storage and provide backup power.

Install StorEdge Systems with Larger Battery Capacity

For sites where additional battery capacity is needed, two batteries may be connected to a single StorEdge Inverter (for example, to enable loads to be powered from the battery for longer periods).

In this configuration, only one battery operates at any given time in order to provide additional capacity, not additional power.

The DC connection of the two batteries to the StorEdge Inverter is done in parallel through an external fused combiner box (not provided by SolarEdge). The box combines the wiring from the two batteries and then a single set of wires goes to the inverter.

StorEdge Solution for Three-Phase SolarEdge Systems


New systems requiring a SolarEdge three-phase inverter can now be installed with the StorEdge solution and benefit from maximised self-consumption and backup power. The StorEdge Inverter connects to the AC output of the three-phase SolarEdge inverter.

* Upgrading SolarEdge Three-Phase Inverter Firmware

In order to support this solution, the SolarEdge three-phase inverter must be running CPU firmware version 3.18 or higher.

Tesla Service Packages

Each StorEdge system purchase includes basic services such as system diagnostics, installation and configuration support, product servicing (under warranty) and access to the monitoring platform. There is also the option to enjoy additional Tesla Powerwall services such as remote battery troubleshooting, firmware update, and RMA services. The Tesla Powerwall services require a battery service package. To check if your battery includes a service package please contact your Tesla distributor, who is responsible for purchasing the battery service package.



Powerwall and StorEdge requires installation by a trained electrician.

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